Heughhead Fishing


1 mile left bank of River Feugh
10 pools,
Maximum rods: 4
Price range: From £12 to £35 rod/day (+VAT); Weekly and part day (4 hours) tickets may be available on request, please contact Fishery Manager for availability.

All Species fishing available including brown trout, with day rods for salmon angling having priority.

Dusk to dawn tickets available for Sea Trout fishing.

Junior fishing discount tickets available with a fee paying responsible adult.

Strictly catch and release

Life jackets are supplied and requested to be worn



Heughhead Fishing's

Creating a unique fishing experience on Royal Deeside; Heughhead Fishings on the River Feugh has all the facilities you would expect from a top quality beat. We offer day and ½ day rod hire and the one bedroomed fishing lodge renovated in Spring 2016 is to accommodate dusk till dawn fishing on the 10 fishing pools.  Surrounded by rich, beautiful countryside and offering a wide range of amenities including accommodation, leisure, sports facilities and popular tourist trails. Fishing is available on this 1 mile beat from late May until the end of the season in October.


The River Feugh
The River Feugh is the most important tributary of the River Dee and is well known for the salmon leaping at the Falls of Feugh, well worth a visit. The Feugh begins high in the Forest of Birse, to the south of Aboyne, and flows through some of the most scenic areas in Aberdeenshire before joining the River Dee at Banchory.

The Feugh is a spate river and fishes best after a rise of water where must anglers comply with the beat regulations, available on request.

Heughhead Fishing's is situated 2 miles upstream from the Falls of Feugh. This is an ideal river for beginners to learn to fish for salmon and trout with no necessity for long casts. The intimate pools offer a challenge requiring stealth and finesse when the river is low and clear. Children accompanied by responsible supervisory adults' fish for free. The river banks are well maintained and have access to all the pools.


The Beat
Heughhead Fishing's extends to 1 mile of left bank salmon fishing on the River Feugh where fishing is separated into 2 beats, upper and lower. The upper beat has 5 named pools; Duke, Rothwell's Run, Burn, Willows and Grilse, The lower beat has four named pools; Stepping Stones, Heughhead, Upper Scolty, Lower Scolty, and Embankment. Species of fish include Brown Trout, Sea Trout and Salmon and Grilse. The brown trout season commences 15th March to the end of September. Sea Trout can be expected from early June onwards and the salmon season runs from April/May until the end of the season. The most productive months for salmon are from July onwards. These are rich waters that serve as important spawning grounds for salmon and sea trout in the Dee system.
The purpose built quality fishing lodge provides full facilities whilst retaining character in line with the surrounding environment.


Company Corporate Fishing
Why not enjoy the exclusive fishing rights for up to 4 rods daily or weekly, it’s the ideal setting for a fishing trip with a BBQ.  A comfortable well-appointed fishing lodge complete with modern amenities, cosy log burning stove at your disposal.  For those who wish to fish from dusk till dawn, the lodge is available for overnight stay, all enquiries welcome. 


Equipment will be available by request at an additional charge.


Bookings can be made by the following means:  

  • FishPal Website (See 'bookings' button above)

  • Orvis Shop, 2-8 Bridge St, Banchory, Aberdeenshire AB31 5SX (01330 824319)

  • Fishery manager Darren Davidson (07775676161)