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2015 developments at Knockburn Loch

As many of you are aware there have been a number of significant and exciting developments at Knockburn Loch over the winter, with the aim of extending the facilities for multi-sport training and events. All of the work has been done with the consultation of local clubs, organisations and individuals that have been involved with Knockburn since its infancy and use it on a regular basis for training and events.

The Loch

The Loch has been extended to the North, which now makes a lap of Loch 750metres, lending itself even more for triathlons. The depth has been dug to 1.25metres and the banks have been designed to make them easy to coach from, making this new area ideal for open water swimming and paddle sports. The Loch extension has been completed and we are now allowing the water to settle following the excavation work.

The Track

People of all ages and abilities will now be able to enhance their cycling and running skills and overall fitness on the newly designed track. The track has been designed specifically with coaching in mind in order to bring new riders into cycling and not just with a race focus. A tar road and grass track will run parallel to each other offering a safe environment for road racing and training for young people. The track works are due to be completed just after Easter.

Two bridges have been erected at either end of the site in order to allow more flexible and varied trials. These have been completed and are now in use.

The Sports Academy building

This is currently being erected on the south end of the car park facing Kerlock. The building will provide a base for local clubs, groups and organisations whilst they are on site for training sessions. For those long dark winter evenings it will lend itself well for indoor training, be it turbo training, strength and conditioning, yoga etc. It can also be used for event registration as the floor has been designed for muddy feet! It will be available for groups and organisations to hire on a one off basis or for block bookings. We hope the building works will be completed by early summer.

We hope that this will be a very exciting year for all of our regular events, as the new developments mean courses can now be changed and adapted to enhance the experience at Knockburn Loch.

We are currently working on a booking system and pricing structure for the hire of the track and building. This will be shared on completion and then we will be able to start making bookings.

Our thanks and gratitude must go to Bert McIntosh for his investment in these facilities; his time, his passion, his large plant machinery and the time of all his men from the McIntosh Plant Hire Team. They have all done such a fantastic job for the benefit of the local community encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle through sport.


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