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On Saturday 14th September we are holding a Sunset Swim Night. You can arrive anytime after 6pm and get yourself ready for a tranquil evening swim session in the cool waters of the loch.


Sunset is around 7:30pm and we will have to be off the water by 9pm.


You will be issued with a numbered light stick that must be placed on your swim cap or swim buoy, everyone must wear a light on them somewhere. We will have in water safety cover while swimmers are in the loch.


When you finish at the end of the night the light stick will need to be returned to the event leader so that we know you are safely out of the water.


Plan ahead and have you and your swim cap alight with fancy lights (make sure it's safe)


The cost is £10 per person for members and non-members alike.


This covers you for using your own equipment for Open Water Swimming.


Areas you can use:

  • Loch



Are covered in the additional info section, some main points include:

  • This pass does not cover hire or use of Knockburn equipment.
  • You will need to sign in at the conference centre before undertaking any activities onsite.
  • We do not allow BBQs
  • NO DOGS ALLOWED apart from guide dogs.  The facility is first and foremost and activity centre and training facility with lots of pepole running, cycling, and kids playing aroud the site.
  • Please remove and rubbish from the site after use.

Sunset Swim Night - 14th September

  • Please ensure you read and undertstand all the terms laid out in this additional info section before confirming your payment.

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